Interior and Exterior Colour Schemes

Deciding on the interior and exterior colour scheme for your new build or renovation project is a stressful process which requires careful planning.

It’s easy to make the mistake of bringing home numerous test pots of paint and product samples only to find you’ve confused yourself, wasted money and still not made a decision.


If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the process, using a professional and experienced colour consultant is an invaluable way to get started with the selection of colours and finishes.

We’ll look at colours on every surface, not just painted ones. And we’ll co-ordinate colours, finishes, flooring, fabrics and furniture as part of a master plan, for both inside and out.

We’ll meet with you to discuss:

  • interior and/or exterior paint colours and finishes
  • how to transform bland, neutral interior spaces
  • how to maximise the exterior presentation of your property to suit the architectural style of your home and the environment
  • co-ordinating the interior and exterior colour schemes to make your outdoor living spaces an extension of the interior
  • interior colour schemes for the kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms and living spaces
  • exterior colour schemes including the roof, paint, stain, joinery and hard surfaces

At Alizarin we’re passionate about colour and have years of experience – let us help you maximise the appearance of your home, inside and out!

Get in touch to find out how the use of colour can transform and update your home or workplace.

~ Timeless design is a sound investment ~

Colour psychology

Colour has a profound effect on how we feel, both mentally and physically.

Our emotional response to any colour is unique, affecting our behaviour and mood in different ways and evoking different personal memories and associations.

Colour can be calming, energising, inspiring or uplifting. It has the power to make a space feel warmer or cooler, more spacious or more intimate.

If there are rooms in your home that make you feel depressed, agitated or cold, we can create a new colour scheme to change the mood and transform the space so that you enjoy using it again!

Get in touch to find out how the use of colour can transform and update your home or workplace.

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