Planning a new build or major renovation

Once you’ve got the architect’s plans for your new build or major renovation, there are many decisions to be made regarding colours and finishes. Given the significant financial investment involved in the project and an overwhelming selection of products available, samples for the interior and exterior need to be carefully coordinated to prevent costly mistakes and ensure a successful end result.
If you need inspiration, browse through design magazines, look at design-related websites and visit Open Homes, then create an ‘Ideas Book’. Include photos of rooms, furniture, accessories, swatches of colours, fabrics, textures and anything else you love that may inspire an interior scheme.
This preliminary process will help clarify your likes and dislikes, define your personal style, and convey what you may be finding difficult to visualise and articulate. Inevitably you’ll notice a trend as you’re drawn to similar colour palettes, furniture styles and fabrics.
Creating a ‘master plan’ ensures that the colour scheme will be well coordinated and cohesive because you can view samples together on a small scale before building begins. You need to include the roof, joinery, cladding and exterior paint colours plus the flooring, kitchen and bathroom finishes and interior paint colours. The colour, pattern and texture of furnishings, curtains and blinds throughout the home also needs to be considered at the planning stage.
Establish a preliminary budget to determine if you can afford to achieve your objectives and complete the project. If not, prioritise the work to be done and complete it in stages as funds allow. If all the colours, finishes, fixtures and fittings are well-coordinated, the end result of your new build or major renovation will always be cohesive throughout the interior, and from inside to out.

Following these simple guidelines will help ensure your new build or renovation will be a successful one. If you need assistance with colour schemes or design, contact me now.

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