Paint colours – Using Warm colours to beat the winter blues

Warm Paint ColoursWhen temperatures drop we’re drawn to warm, inviting interior spaces that feel intimate, relaxed and welcoming. What is it that pulls us in – the interior paint colour of a room, the size of a room, the furniture arrangement, or fabrics and finishing touches? A well-balanced peaceful space is created when all of these elements work together in harmony, but colour has the greatest influence on the mood and atmosphere.
Introducing warmth to your living room can be easy and inexpensive. Start with the selection of a paint colour for the walls, then use accessories to add layers of accent colour and texture. Choose warm colour tones, and if you prefer a neutral colour scheme, prevent blandness by using tonal variation and different textures for visual interest. Link them together with striking artwork and accessories. For more of a punch, add richly coloured, textured cushions, throws, floor rugs and enveloping drapes to suit your style – think rich autumnal tones of red, orange and yellow or fresher warm spring colours.
Comfortable rooms exude personality and reflect the style of those who live in the home. Add interest and character by displaying your favourite family photographs, personal treasures and travel memorabilia. Arrange furniture around a focal point such as a fireplace or view, and if the room is large, use rugs and other furniture groupings to define zones for other activities within the same space. Use diffuser sticks for a subtle background fragrance, and create a relaxing environment where you want to spend time with family and friends. Enjoy scented candles or dimmed lights for a cosy, softer and more restful atmosphere in the evening.

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