Finding the perfect off-white paint colour for interiors

Just want “designer white”?! Trying to find the perfect off-white can be a challenge – who knew there were so many different subtle cool and warm undertones?
Does that small colour swatch you loved on the fan deck or another home look totally wrong on the wall? Too grey, too pink, too buttery…how do you get it right?!
If you’re starting with a ‘blank canvas’ to decorate a space, paint colour is only part of the overall colour scheme. You need to think about co-ordinating flooring, colours and fabrics on every other surface as well.
Alternatively, you may want to choose a neutral background wall colour to complement all the existing colours and finishes in the space.
As a guide, a cooler off-white will complement schemes using grey, black, brown and blue; whereas a warm, creamy white is ideal with autumn tones such as softened gold, green, orange or earthy red.
Because colour is affected by the amount of natural light in a room and strikes each wall differently, you need to move samples around to see how they look at different times of the day. Check again in the evening under the appropriate light source before making a final decision.
Don’t forget that off-white walls will reflect adjacent colours and finishes – the effect can be quite dramatic in an expansive area where there is a strong contrast with the floor colour or a bold feature wall.
Getting it right before you start painting will ensure a successful outcome which can be enhanced with accessories such as artwork, rugs and decorative items to provide accent colour, texture and pattern.

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