Creating innovative spaces with timeless design – inside and out

How you feel and function in your home is greatly affected by your surroundings – the interior design and layout of the space, as well as the colours and furnishings you have around you.

At Alizarin Design, we get to know how you live and work, then create spaces which reflect your personal style and enhance your lifestyle.


The Alizarin team is involved with new home builds, residential renovations and refurbishments. We work from concept to completion, and can help you with anything from just a single room or item of furniture to an entire project.

If you’re preparing a property for sale, we can use our expertise to enhance the interior and exterior presentation for your target market.

We can help you with any of the following:

  • floor plans and furniture layout
  • kitchens, bathrooms and laundries
  • flooring finishes – carpet, tiles, wood, cork, concrete
  • furniture – new, custom designed and reupholstered
  • curtains, blinds and shutters
  • fabrics and soft furnishings
  • accessories and artwork
  • lighting and heating
  • interior colour schemes
  • exterior colour schemes
  • project co-ordination
  • product sourcing

Find out more about our services – Interior Design, Colour Consulting and Product Sourcing.
Or contact us on +64 (09) 524 9233 or to arrange a visit.

~ Timeless design is a sound investment ~

The origin of ‘ALIZARIN’

(pronounced uh-LIZ-a-rin, with the emphasis on the second syllable)

Alizarin is the rich red colour you see throughout this website. Traditionally, the dye colour was made from roots of the madder plant and known as ‘Turkey red’ due to its association with carpets and textiles from the East. It has been manufactured synthetically since 1871.


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